Recently, the town of Sheffield received a Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Planning Grant from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Sheffield stake holders have engaged in a planning initiative to better understand how this south county community is vulnerable to the effects of climate change as they have spent the past 10 months prioritizing actions to increase the town's climate resilience.

The public is invited to par take in a listening session as they can also receive updates about this all important planning effort and they can also provide feedback regarding this topic on hand as this free forum will be held on Monday, April 29th from 6 to 7 pm at Sheffield Town Hall located at Depot Square in Sheffield.

Residents can also express their views on weather related topics such as flooding, wind, extreme heat, excessive snow and ice as this meeting will also emphasize climate impacts and hazards. For more information, you can phone (413) 229-8752 or you can log on to the town of Sheffield's web site by going here.

(The following information was obtained via a press release sent to WSBS by the Town Of Sheffield for on-air and on-line usage)

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