These days, we have forgotten about doing things "the old fashioned way". Trust me, this old-school approach garners results, especially during the time when candidates are seeking your vote when Election Day looms around the bend. A perfect example of community involvement was presented east of us in Springfield, Massachusetts  courtesy of "my WSBS radio wife", Lisa Zarcone (aka Lisa Z).

Lisa hosted an afternoon event this past Sunday outside her home as neighbors and friends gathered together for a meet and greet session that featured two candidates who are looking to occupy seats in the city council and school committee that represent the 2nd and 8th wards.

Ayanna Crawford has similar goals to Lisa's campaign as she is running for a school committee seat to advocate mental health in school systems state wide. As you know by now, Z also serves as The Bay State's Ambassador for The National Association of Child Abuse Adult Survivors with a goal to assist those who cannot speak up as people during this trying situation. Lately, Lisa has been involved in virtual presentations and received some coveted honors which benchmarks the reason why she continues lending a voice toward this sensitive subject matter. I saw a parallel in both of their efforts to combat bullying and to ensure children are safe and sound while in school as they receive a high quality and stress-free educational experience.

Lisa also has lobbied to politicians in Boston in bringing The Hope Squad throughout The Bay State as this not for profit organization focuses on suicide prevention programs. You can find out more about this campaign by logging on to their web site. This November, Zaida Govan is vying for a seat in Springfield's city council as her aim is to motivate schools and assist fellow residents with a strong commitment to public service via these not for profit platforms that benefit those who are dealing with trying times.

Massachusetts State Representative Orlando Ramos, city councilor Jesse Lederman and veteran educator James Ryan were also in attendance as this get together focused on a goal steering towards grass roots efforts to involve people with community oriented matters as the door-to-door effort seems to be making a comeback. These days, prospective candidates are using traditional efforts in meeting up with their constituents.

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Kudos to Lisa, as this style of meeting should be implemented statewide, including here in our tri-state region with impromptu get togethers featuring one-on-one question and answer sessions plus in-person meet and greets with prospective or incumbent candidates that add a personal touch in having a say as to what goes on in local governmental matters. It's one of the reasons why "I'M SO PROUD of my WSBS "radio wife" as her strong commitment to caring and campaigning for her causes proves to be beneficial in more ways than one.

Check out Lisa's personal web site as you'll find a wealth of information, a series of blogs and some cool photos featuring the two of us in her gallery as this platform serves as a terrific way to get acquainted with this lovely lady who I truly regard as "good people".  You can also connect with Z via FacebookLinked In and via Instagram as these sites also update you on her latest accomplishments and her all-important mission in life.

FYI--Lisa's next LIVE in-studio appearance with yours truly is scheduled for Saturday, October 30th at 9 am on WSBS as she further discusses the logistics of her recent community get together and more updates will be spotlighted on her causes that need more attention focused statewide.

(Photos approved for posting by Lisa Zarcone for on-line usage)

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