A reminder to join us every Saturday morning following the 9 o'clock news as you have the opportunity to buy, sell or trade up to 4 items or if you are looking for something in particular, we can help out via the WSBS Trading Post. Call (413) 528-0860 OR toll-free 1-888-224-1785 from YOUR Home Town Station, WSBS.

1) New England's George Reeves, Kevin Titus (aka "Superman") got things going as he STILL has a vintage 2002 # 3 Dale Earnhardt Monte Carlo race car in excellent condition for $7,000 or he'll take best offer. Serious buyers only should check in with "The Man of Steel" at 1-860-453-4219.

2) Robert checked in from "Lovely Lee" with an assortment of items. He STILL has a pair of women's bicycles including a 26 inch Univega with racing tires and a 24 inch Free spirit with wide, rubber terrain tires for only $20 a piece or take both for $30, a oak desk and swivel chair priced at $75 and assorted boxes of books available for $5 a box. To inquire further, give him a call at (413) 427-7351.

3) Al from Housatonic has a trifecta of items including a futon, a large round wooden kitchen table and a wooden coffee table. Each item is priced at $20. For more details, call 1-518-428-2618.

4) Smitty called us from New Marlborough as he has a 26 inch, 27 speed Giant Iguana mountain bike for the low price of $300, a set of 4 aluminum black rims for 16 inch 8 lugs good towards a three quarter ton Chevy or GMC pick-up truck for $50 a piece, a John Deere wagon for a lawn tractor available for only $100 and a 52 inch Hunter ceiling fan on sale for only $30. For more information, phone (413) 644-6378.

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