1) A listener from Great Barrington has a Weber gas grill for ONLY $30, table top showcases priced between $10 and $25 and a pair of tall wooden director's chairs for $20 OR take both for $30. To inquire further, call (413)528-4215.

2) A listener from Sheffield has a 12,000 BTU, 220 volt air conditioner built in wall unit available for $325 firm OR he will barter for electrical and carpentry services. For more information, give a call to (413) 229-7796.

3) Florence from Great Barrington has a FREE dental chair. To arrange for a pick-up, phone (413) 528-4887. She is also asking for your assistance to make a nominal donation towards The Angels of St. Anthony financial fund which also assists homeless animals in our area. Call her for further specifics on this matter.

4) Dave Dempsey has an assortment of honeybees looking for a new home. If interested, call him at (413) 528-6996.

5) Reggie in Great Barrington has a all-wheel drive 2007 Mercedes Benz E-550 with a wide array of options for the incredible price of $5,000. He also has assorted NASCAR memorabilia available for best offer and a couch, FREE of charge. Give him a call at (413) 362-0829.

6) Pierre from "Lovely Lenox" is looking for a outdoor shed, Tanglewood memorabilia and assorted pyrex bowls, specifically of the pink and blue variety. If you can assist him in this quest, phone (413) 441-2239.

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