1) Richie checked in from "Lovely Lee" as he looking for memorabilia from classic rock bands including AC/DC, The Rolling Stones and The Allman Brothers Band. If you can assist him in this quest, call (413) 644-6431.

2) Vinnie from Great Barrington has a pair of vehicles available including a 2006 Chevy Silverado pick-up truck with V-8 engine and all the bells and whistles for options. Keep in mind, the air conditioning unit needs recharging. He'll take $4,500 OR best offer. He also has a 2006 Jayco Featherlike 25 foot camper that sleeps a total of 6 people. This vehicle is in pristine condition and available for $9,000 OR best offer. To inquire further, call (413) 329-4438.

3) Louie from Alford has an assortment of items including a 8 drawer stackable tool box, priced at $100, firm, a heavy duty shop-vac also firmly priced at $100, a 25 inch 16 capacity winch for only $50 and an electric grinder for $35. These prices are negotiable so give him a call today at (413) 528-0587.

4) Bob out in New Marlborough also has a quartet of items available including  a West Point air conditioner for $50, firm, a 16 foot, 12 to 14 foot wide pirate ship with slides priced at $500 Or he'll take best offer, a aluminum tool box for the back of a pick-up truck for $75 firm and a 4 by 8 aluminum truck cap with ladder rack for only $100, firm. For further information, phone (413) 229-8628.

5) A listener from Great Barrington has assorted antiques and collectibles for sale. if interested, call (413) 429-1854.

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