I always appreciate our loyal following across the border in neighboring New York as my standard greeting of "HOWDY HILLSDALE" has resonated with positive response from local residents as they take time to thank me either by phone or in person their Home Town Station brings a little bonus recognition to this Columbia county town where routes 22 and 23 meet once you enter The Empire State.

If you love to shop and are in search of some bargains and deals. you'll find something on your list at The Town of Hillsdale's Flea Market as the annual FREE event takes place at Hamlet Park, just south of the junction of routes 22 and 23, this Saturday, August 7th beginning at 9 am and ends at 3 pm. The event was originally scheduled for the 4th of July weekend, however inclement weather forced the postponement to take place a month later.

Early bird shoppers have the luxury of getting first crack of all the specials this get together has to offer.as they will enter at 8 am and will be charged a nominal $10 for that particular perk. ALL donations will go towards funding for future town improvement projects. 

You can browse through an assortment of items that will be available for purchase from area vendors including kitchenware, toys, lawn & garden equipment, handicrafts, pottery, records, books, ephemera textiles, art work plus assorted furniture items to highlight your dwelling, all at a reasonable and negotiable price.

Hamlet Committee member and flea market coordinator Gaye Hoffman reiterated this is a great way for tri-state region residents to interact with members of their community:

"The flea market has become a community magnet and a fun way to spend an hour or two. It's also a smart way for sellers to offload unneeded things in an ecologically friendly way and make a bit of money at the same time"

Vendor spaces may STILL be available as they have TWO options for their set up. First, a 15 by 15 foot space with one parking spot available next to their designated station for only $35 OR a 10 by 10 foot space as their vehicles need to unloaded and parked at an assigned spot. That option is priced at $20. All vendors must supply their own table and small tent to display their items for sales. For more details, call 1-518-938-1404.


You can also check for updates by logging on to their Facebook page. In 2 words: "HAPPY SHOPPING"

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