Father’s Day is coming up this weekend, Sunday, June 19th!

Being a dad myself, my wife asked me, “What do you want for Father’s Day?”

I gave probably the most infuriating answer, “Nothing, really.”

And it’s true!  Well, ok, it’s not 100% true…what really sounds good is just a quiet day with the family.

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It appears I’m not alone in that answer.  According to this map of what dad’s really want for Father’s Day, the most common answer is a day out (or in) with the family!  It’s also the number one answer for dads here in Massachusetts.

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The next most popular answer is a family BBQ.  Honestly, this sounds good also…as long as I don’t have to cook!  Normally I don’t mind BBQ’ing, but hey…it’s Father’s Day!  I know lots of dads out there will disagree with me on that one, though.  The BBQ is their territory!  I get it.  Having a meal out is another popular choice.

What I don’t want is new tools, which was another popular answer.  I'm in the minority it looks like, but new tools means new projects to work on, and more “stuff” to do and fill up my days.  I want a day where I don’t have to worry about repairing something.  I’d take some electronics or gadgets, though!  That’s more my style.  Also my style is lounging around while getting fed grapes by swimsuit models, but I don’t see that happening, nor my wife letting that happen…

Sleeping in was another popular choice, but sleeping in too long just makes me groggy and feel like I wasted a good portion of the day.  Although with my schedule sleeping in is waking up at 7am, so maybe it’s not so bad.

All this said, I also recognize that Father’s Day can be a tough or uncomfortable day for many people.  Maybe their dad has passed on, maybe their dad isn’t around, who knows what someone’s circumstance is.

For me, I recognize I’m fortunate to be in the position I’m in, and hopefully I do get to enjoy Father’s Day with the family…the number one choice of dad’s here in Massachusetts!  What’s your ideal Father’s Day look like?


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