1) Nick got things going as he STILL has a pair of 800 watt full spectrum glow lights for the firm price of $75 and a size 5 black, onyx and gold ring that dates back to 1927 for the incredible price of $100, firm. To inquire further, call (413) 528-5611.

2) Kathy checked in from Housatonic as she is selling a 1999 4 door Subaru hatchback with all wheel drive and manual transmission. She will take $900 or best offer for this vehicle. For more information, call (413) 429-7931.

3) Terry has a pro-form treadmill which includes a floor mat FREE of charge. To arrange a pick-up in New Marlborough, phone (413) 528-1503.

4) Vinnie has a pair of motorcycles available in Sheffield: A 1993 Kawasaki Voyager 1200-CC with windshield, radio and cruise control for $1,000 and a 1988 1400-CC Suzuki Cavalcade for only $600. He'll also take best offer for one or both of these bikes. To get more details, call (413) 329-4438.

5) A listener has a 43 inch wide and 57 inch long dining room with leather seats available for a comprable best offer. If interested call (413) 229-3494 OR 1-864-314-1477.

6) A listener has a 29 inch Mitsubishi flat screen TV available for $250 or he'll take best offer. To inquire further, call (413) 644-9515.

7) Robert from "Lovely Lee" STILL has 6 gallons of acid-based concrete stain which interacts chemically with concrete into a copper patina color. the whole set is available for the incredible of only $60. If you need more information, give him a call at (413) 427-7351.

8) Malcolm also called from "Lovely Lee" as he is selling a blue lift recliner chair that raises into various sitting and standing positions. This comfortable piece of furniture is priced at $100, firm. If you would like to add this to your living room, phone (413) 243-2772.

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