Bet you did not know this: Massachusetts is one of a few states that actually allows youngsters under 18 to get married. It has become a hot-button topic in the halls of Boston as plans are underway to rectify this measure. State Representative Kay Khan and Bay State Senator Harriet Chandler have been instrumental in making this immediate revision as statistics show the Bay State recorded a total of about 1,200 marriages and some children that turned 13 have said "I do" between the years 2000 and 2018. To sum this up in one word "Ridiculous"

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Members of The Senate have teamed together to ban the practice of those who are not even legal in age to walk down the aisle. Governor Charlie Baker has been hesitant in signing this act and for reasons unknown. It is also weird that residents have not spoken up regarding this controversial matter. Let's face it: Teenagers should concentrate on the trials and tribulations of adolescence and further their high school education. Marriage should not really be an option at this moment in their lives.

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After careful consideration, The State Senate passed this measure without a problem. But The House has recently created obstacles to give the green light on this controversial subject and there is no concrete explanation as to why this is becoming such a rampant problem all over The Bay State. Answers are being demanded, but to no avail.


Recently, an unidentified teenager from New Bedford testified in a legislative hearing as she reiterated that children in that stature deserve a full protection of their rights, but legislators are just not doing anything to assist in this matter. But that is about to change as the House FINALLY included this measure in their current annual state budget and Senate negotiators are willing to meet them half way.

Senator Khan can finally breathe a sigh of relief as this will assist many state wide young women to avoid this dark stage in their lives. Her comments stated a fact regarding going through red tape in the realm of politics:

"You know, sometimes it takes a long time to get things done in The Legislature. There are so many hoops to jump through, but I am SO grateful".

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