The Clean Air Act is celebrating it's 50th anniversary. The organization was first established back in 1970 as their goal is to reduce air pollution in the nation as climate change poses new challenges in protecting air quality and this rampant problem is placing Bay State residents at risk.

The Stand Up For Clean Air Initiative asks Massachusetts residents to take action on this sensitive matter which includes raising awareness about the need for clean air as The American Lung Association has announced new efforts to encourage the public to share why clean air should be an asset to everyone by participating in a social media campaign. They are encouraged to go to #MyCleanAirStory and they can post a video, photo or selfie to describe why the need for clean air is beneficial to each and every individual.

American Lung Association Executive Director Karen Whitefield stated:

"Air pollution is not just an issue for those with underlying health issues like asthma, breathing air pollution is harmful for everyone. But some groups do face an even higher risk including pregnant women, babies, children, teenagers and older adults. Through Stand Up For Clean Air, we hope to elevate conversations around the health impacts of  air pollution and climate change as this will motivate people to take action. The reality is that climate change is not only a future threat, but is harming the health of Americans today."

"Most Americans support more clean air protections, but not all Americans know what action they can take as people should urge their elected officials to take action on the federal level to helping to reduce air pollution in your community, actions large and small can add up to make a significant impact."

Climate change is worsening air quality through increased levels of wildfire smoke, increased formation of ozone pollution and more extreme storms and frequent flooding which can leave behind mold, polluted flood water residue and other damage, exposing people to air pollution as they are cleaning up and repairing homes. Power plants, oil & gas operations, cars and trucks also produce high quantities of air pollution that is directly harmful to lung health

Learn more about this subject by logging on here as you can make a difference in taking simple steps to make a difference and your feedback can also offer critical opportunities in holding leaders accountable for their actions as unhealthy air can lead to serious health issues.

Join The American Lung Association in their quest to save lives by improving lung health and prevent further lung disease through education, advocacy and research. You can visit their web site by logging on here or call toll-free 1-800-586-4872.

(The following information was obtained by WSBS via a press release courtsy of The American Lung Association for on-air and on-line usage)

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