This past weekend, I found a horrendous discovery inside my scalp: A miniature deer tick landed inside my hair and who knows how long it was hibernating in there to begin with. Seconds later, I pulled it out without any problems and disposed of this disgusting blood sucker, even though I should have saved it for analysis, but the fortunate instance is that I was NOT bitten and it did NOT get stuck on my head, hence the reason why I HATE insects in any way, shape or form.

The mite bites a reddish dog

According to a recent article in The Hudson Valley Post, there are places to look for ticks, fleas OR any other form of these repulsive pests because as I discovered they can camouflage very easily into your system and the end result could be disastrous bringing a myriad of health issues that are unnecessary in nature. So, without further ado, here are the locations you need to examine, especially if you spend an enormous amount of time outdoors:

Wood tick

In and around the hair (present company included in this one) your ears, under the arms, around your waist, inside the navel, between the legs and the back of your knees. There are other outlets including Cutter and Tick Check that provide mail-in testing to assure your safety. The Center For Disease Control's web site also provides some valuable tips on keeping yourself and our four legged friends intact during this turbulent season.

tick insect warning sign in forest

It is also advisable to wear long sleeved shirts, long pants and high socks as an added precaution, especially while you are walking in areas that contain high brush and tall grass. Keep a can of insect repellent handy for added protection. This will safeguard any further incidents with these creepy crawlers who have been posing problems not only locally here in The Berkshires, but throughout the state of Massachusetts and this is constant in our neighboring tri-state areas of North Western Connecticut and Eastern New York which also have plentiful amounts of wooden terrain.

BOTTOM LINE: I am NOT a hiker and I am STILL wondering how a tick would land in my head and stay there for a substantial amount of time. In one word: GROSS!

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