Every town has its own unique qualities. Off the top of my head, Berkshire County contains towns and cities with well-known history and attractions. North Adams for example, has some well-known hauntings (if you choose to believe) including the Hoosac Tunnel, Houghton Mansion, and who could forget about the Creature that stalks Coca-Cola Ledge? Great Barrington is the birthplace of W.E.B. DuBois, Pittsfield gave us Elizabeth Banks, and people near and far flock to the Town of Stockbridge for the annual Main Street Stockbridge at Christmas attraction. There are obviously many more famous things about Berkshire County that I left out but you get the idea. Who wouldn't want to visit our beautiful county?

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Recently, I Heard a Very Interesting Story About the Town of Rockport, Massachusetts Related to the Sale of Alcohol. 

On Thursday evening when my family was having dinner, my wife, Amber, said she read an interesting story pertaining to the town of Rockport, Massachusetts being a dry town for many years. Here's what Amber said.

So I was flipping through BuzzFeed  this morning and I saw a piece that was about interesting facts from each state so opened it and instantly flipped to Massachusetts. The author was from Massachusetts and she was expressing her pride in being from Massachusetts but then the fact that she shared was about Hannah Jumper who in 1856 led a group of women wielding hatchets through the town of Rockport, Massachusetts to essentially destroy all of the liquor in the town because the fisherman were spending all their money on it and they were so effective that the town did become a dry town and remained so until 2005.

I found that to be an interesting story and a fun tidbit you can tell your co-workers at the water cooler. I found the article that Amber referenced and you can check it out here.

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