Here we are, folks. It's FINALLY spring. The world is slowwwwwly opening back up after a pandemic. More and more people are making a gradual transition of returning to the office. And that raises an interesting question: Do you have a coworker that drives you crazy? 

And what exactly does that coworker do that bugs or bothers you? Is it possible that you have a coworker just like the guy in the above picture who thinks there's nothing wrong with putting his stinky feet up on his desk for all to enjoy?

A Reddit user recently posed the question, "What thing does your coworker do that pisses you off?" That question begat a very long online thread. Buzzfeed compiled a list based on all the responses and while it's pretty funny, I'm sure you either work or have worked with people that do some of these annoying distractions.

When it comes to things that coworkers do that drive you bonkers, there were plenty of varied responses such as sipping beverages too loudly. How about this one? They go ahead and schedule a meeting and then ask you at the meeting what the meeting should be about? Oh, that happens here quite often.

Singing out loud(and usually off-key) was another one. Here's a favorite: The coworker that asks you questions while they're in the stall next to you in the bathroom! Bro, just let me do my business in peace, kay?

And that's only the tip of the iceberg, people! Everything from the coworker who takes their shoes off in the office to the coworker who talks about nothing else but their cats and the person who turns up the heat or AC as high as it will go...The list goes on.

Check it out for yourself and see if that one specific thing your coworker does that drives you crazy made the list. Head to Buzzfeed's website here for a look at the Reddit responses. Who knows? It might give you a much-needed smile.

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