The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) has announced that applications for the 2021 Low Number Plate Lottery are now being accepted online using the Online Service Center. Applicants must apply by Aug. 27, 2021, and, if selected for a low number plate, will be notified after the virtual drawing takes place on Sept. 8, 2021.

What is a Low Number Plate and Why are They Desirable?

According to, in the states of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Illinois, Delaware and Washington, D.C., plates with four numbers or fewer have a mysterious allure, making them so desirable that drivers bequeath them to relatives, pay large sums of money for them and jump at every opportunity to get them.

How Many of These Plates are Available? 

This year, there are 200 plates available through the low plate lottery. Some of this year’s low plate characters are 210, 2762, 1H, 24L, F1, J25 and X25. The complete list is online by going here.

Are There Fees for the Low Number Plates?

Applicants should note that there is no fee to apply. However, should the applicant be selected as a winner, there is a fee that will be required, as the fee is required of all new license plates, as well as a standard registration fee.

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Customers are encouraged to visit the RMV’s website or follow @MassRMV on Twitter for upcoming details on the virtual low plate drawing. The drawing will be live-streamed and a link to the event will be made available soon. In addition, applicants will be sent a notification via email. The lottery results will be posted on the RMV’s website.

Lottery Rules and Eligibility Requirements

  • The 2021 Low Number Plate Lottery is online submission only.
  • Only one entry per applicant will be accepted, regardless of the number of active registrations the applicant has.
  • An applicant must be a Massachusetts resident with a currently active, registered, and insured passenger vehicle.
  • Companies/corporations may not apply.
  • MassDOT (Registry of Motor Vehicles, Highway, Mass Transit, and Aeronautics) employees, including contract employees, and their immediate family members are not eligible. (“Immediate family member” refers to one’s parents, spouse, children, and brothers and sisters.)
  • Requests for specific plate numbers will not be honored. Eligible applicants will be considered for all plates listed. Plates will be awarded in the order in which they are listed here.
  • An applicant’s registration and license cannot be in a non-renewal, suspended, or revoked status at the time of entry, the time of the drawing, or the time of the plate swap. As such, an applicant must not have any outstanding excise taxes, parking tickets, child support, warrants, or unpaid E-ZPass/ Fast Lane violations.
  • Online entries must be completed by the end of day on Aug. 27, 2021.
  • By law, lottery winners must be announced by Sept. 15, 2021. Lottery results will be available on the RMV website.
  • All winners will be notified by the RMV in writing with instructions on how to transfer their current registration to their new lottery plate. Winners will have until Dec. 31, 2021, to swap their plates. Unclaimed plates will be forfeited after Dec. 31 and the 25 selected alternate winners will then be notified as to what lottery plate they won. Plates will be registered to the winning applicant only.
  • All plates remain the property of the RMV even after registration.
  • All information received, including names of all applicants and the list of winners, is subject to release in accordance with the Massachusetts Public Records law.

Low Number Plate Lottery rules and eligibility can also be found by going here.

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