A recent FX promo for 2018 brought not only our first look at Legion, but also an urgent reminder – Archer’s back, baby! Yes, our favorite animated super-spy is finally moving from Dreamland to Danger Island, as FXX sets an April premiere with a new look at the ninth season.

The ninth and likely penultimate season of Archer – this time subtitled Danger Island – will kick off the new reboot on Wednesday, April 25 at 10:00 P.M. Alas, FX only provided the above photo for new material, though we’ve included the FX 2018 trailer below for a glimpse at the proceedings. You can also read the new synopsis, which details the reconfigured identities of the reboot:

Archer: Danger Island is an animated, half-hour comedy that centers on the semi-functioning alcoholic seaplane pilot, Sterling Archer, a lush on the lush South Pacific island of Mitimotu in 1939. While the rest of the world is concerned about the impending Second World War, Archer is only concerned with who’s buying his next drink. Along with his trusty co-pilot Pam, Sterling must navigate quicksand, cannibals, super-intelligent monkeys, poison darts, pirates, and did we mention quicksand? Welcome to the mysterious and deadly world of Archer: Danger Island.

The series features the voices of H. Jon Benjamin as the hard-drinking pilot, “Sterling Archer;” Jessica Walter as Archer’s acid-tongued mother and hotel owner, “Malory Archer;” Aisha Tyler as island royalty and local revolutionary, “Princess Lanaluakalani;” Judy Greer as the abandoned heiress, “Charlotte Vandertunt;” Chris Parnell as the obvious German spy posing as a businessman, “Siegbert Fuchs;” Amber Nash as Archer’s co-pilot and loyal sidekick, “Pam Poovey;” Adam Reed as impeccably uniformed French Capitaine, “Reynaud;” and Lucky Yates as the audacious scarlet macaw, “Crackers.”

Creator Adam Reed previously noted that producer Matt Thompson and he still consider Season 10 a likely stopping point for the series. Reed has ideas for Season 10 (and a final episode) as well, but it remains unclear if the tenth season would return to the show’s original reality, in which Archer is in a coma.

We’ll hopefully have an Archer: Danger Island trailer before long, but check out the first footage below in the meantime.

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