There's a reason why Berkshire County is America's Cultural Resort. The Berkshires is a magnet and a vacation destination for tourists, prospective second homeowners, and folks who want to make a fresh start. It's no surprise that city folks from Boston, New York, and everywhere else want to move to Berkshire County and soak in everything the Berkshires have to offer.

What are Some of the Attractions That Bring People to Berkshire County?

If you can dream it, the Berkshires can supply it. Whether you are looking for museums, swimming, hiking, skiing, live theater, live music, or pure serenity just to name a few, Berkshire County is able to satisfy all tastes, desires, needs, and interests.

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Berkshire County is Also Loaded with a variety of Eateries to Satisfy Every Palate

Even with the pandemic causing a number of local eateries to close throughout Berkshire County, there are still a healthy variety of dining options for people to enjoy in the Berkshires. As a matter of fact Travel + Leisure magazine recently published an article entitled The 10 Best Things to Do in the Berkshires - From Beautiful Hiking Trails and Lakes to Museums and Breweries and the article gave glowing reviews/recommendations on 11 restaurants/eateries in Berkshire County which we have listed below.

Great Barrington

  • Baba Louie's
  • Xicontencatl
  • Prarie Whale
  • Number 10
  • Robin's Candy (dessert/candy)
  • Mielke Confections (dessert/candy)
  • Pixie Boulangerie (dessert/bakery)


  • Sweet Dreams Cafe
  • Chocolate Springs Cafe (dessert/candy)


  • Dairy Cone
  • Mary's Carrot Cake

In addition, the magazine also recommended a number of Berkshire County breweries which you can check out by going here. So, what do you think? Do you agree with this list or would your list be completely different?

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