When I was growing up in Northern Berkshire County most of my birthday parties took place at my home. I would have the typical parties with friends and families. Of course, there would be cake and ice cream, pizza and plenty of presents. Sometimes we would have my birthday parties at locations like Valley Park Lanes in North Adams or the 'Just Fun' arcade at the Berkshire Mall in Lanesborough. When I was really little, we had one of my parties at Burger King in North Adams. So, yeah I had the typical type of birthday gatherings that kids normally have. Nothing too out of the ordinary.

If You're Looking to Spice Up Your Next Berkshire County Party, You May Want to Consider Hiring this Real Life Party Pig

Parties have come a long way since I was a kid as you can now hire a real-life party pig for your next gathering. His name is 'Gilbert The Party Pig' and he's fun, funny, and adorable. He wears hats, he does tricks, and he even gives you the opportunity to get a photo with him while he kisses you. Gilbert is definitely quite the ham and life of the party.

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After viewing Gilbert's Facebook page (by the way Gilbert, you did a great job putting that page together) you not only can have Gilbert entertain your party guests, you can have him come to school with you, entertain folks at nursing homes, general events, and private home gatherings. To see more photos of Gilbert on location and to get more information, check out Gilbert's Facebook page by going here. Get your party together, grab Gilbert, and pig out.

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