Here in Berkshire County you never know what types of weather could be headed our way. So far in 2022, we have had our fair share of bitterly cold temperatures and my heating bill for January has certainly reflected that fact. As of Wednesday, the temperature hovered around 40 and we're going to continue to see some mild temperatures over the next three days with a high of about 50 on Saturday.

Don't Let the Mild Berkshire Temperatures Catch You Off Guard   

Even though we're experiencing mild temperatures during the day, the late afternoon, evening, and early morning hours are served with drastically colder conditions. Temperatures near 30 all the way down to the upper teens can be expected over the next few days.

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Because of this drop in temperature, there are once melted areas that are rapidly freezing over at night which means that you still want to watch your step. For example, my mother came to visit me on Wednesday and my driveway appeared clear to the naked eye. However, there was a patch of water in front of my garage entry that was starting to freeze over. I caught it in time before she stepped on it and I threw down some ice melt.

A word to the wise, just because we're having some milder days, doesn't mean it's going to stay that way later on in the day into the evening. Watch your step and take it slow.

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