Looking through some of the local Berkshire County Facebook groups, one thing that stands out to me is the fact that we have many talented folks in the Berkshires. Take The Berkshires Facebook group for example. There are many members of this group who post beautiful photos of natural landscapes throughout Berkshire County. You'll see many colorful photos of the sun setting and rising at locations all across the Berkshires. Some of these photos are taken on or near local lakes, in wooded areas, in meadows, and other various Berkshire landmarks.

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Some other photos include breathtaking snow-covered Berkshire County landscapes while others include video and/or photos of beautiful animals in nature. Not only am I in awe of these photos, but many of these photo and video posts receive hundreds sometimes thousands of likes and loves from members of the group. Without question, Berkshire County is loaded with talented individuals.

How Would You Like to Get Your Berkshire County Work Noticed on an Even Bigger Stage?

With all of this talent located right here in the Berkshires, it's worth gaining an even bigger audience to appreciate the beauty of the photos and videos that our local residents produce. If you are into taking photos and/or videos, there's a great opportunity for you. According to visitma.com,  The Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism in Partnership with ThinkArgus wants to see your photos and videos for a marketing campaign that will go live this summer. If you like to shoot photos and/or videos of travel, lifestyle, food, architecture, history, nature/outdoor experiences, arts, performance, and culture, then you'll want to seize this opportunity. Plus, you'll make some extra money in the process. You need to jump on this opportunity immediately as the deadline for submissions is this Monday, Mar. 7. You can get complete details and submit your work by going here.

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