One Berkshire County route that I'm very familiar with driving is the Mohawk Trail. Before my wife, Amber, and I got married we dated for eight years. For five of those years, Amber lived in the town of Florida, MA and I lived in North Adams. So, naturally, when I would go visit her at her house, I would travel up Route 2 on the Mohawk Trail and during that drive, I would make that quick wrap-around on the Hairpin Turn which when you make the turn, you're technically in Clarksburg for a few seconds.

Is Berkshire County's Hairpin Turn Dangerous

If you haven't driven on the Hairpin Turn, it can be dangerous but if you take it slow, you should be fine. Speeding around that turn is what can put you in a dangerous situation. In the winter, if you find yourself driving down toward the Hairpin Turn heading in the direction of the City of North Adams, you want to take it extremely slow and downshift which I have done many times in the past. There have been times when the winter weather was so bad that the Mohawk Trail had to be closed as it was too risky for motorists to travel on.

Does the Mohawk Trail/Hairpin Turn Have Spectacular Views? 

The views are absolutely beautiful in this area of the Mohawk Trail. There are actually some areas where you can pull off and view the northern Berkshires from above. The area is perfect for fall foliage leaf peeping opportunities in the Berkshires as well as watching the 4th of July fireworks from Noel Field in North Adams.

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What Other Fun and Unique Aspects are There Regarding the Mohawk Trail/Hairpin Turn?

If you ever drive the trail in the winter/early spring season when you round the Hairpin Turn heading toward Florida, you'll see some breathtaking jagged icicles clinging to a wall of rock. Oftentimes folks will decorate the ice using different colors. It's a very cool, I mean frigid site. Another interesting aspect is if you are driving down the Mohawk Trail on a foggy day, it will look like you're in an airplane because you'll be above the fog due to the elevation. Once you round the Hairpin Turn and start heading further down toward the City of North Adams, you'll become immersed in the fog as you'll be driving right through the thick of it. It's a really spectacular transition all within a few seconds. I don't have photos of these two aforementioned scenarios but if you do, I would love to see them.

So, if you're looking for a fun, summer drive for photo opportunities, check out the Mohawk Trail and Hairpin Turn. Some may feel that this isn't Berkshire County's most amazing view while driving and I get that. It's difficult to beat driving up to Mount Greylock but the Mowhawk Trail would definitely fall into the top five. How could it not?

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