Remember in 2020 when people were running around in a panic to stock up on toilet paper? The COVID-19 pandemic certainly caused plenty of anxiety and toilet paper appeared to be one of the causes of that anxiety.

For me, I had zero anxiety over toilet paper shortages. I was able to go to two to three stores in Berkshire County and find enough toilet paper without going overboard. The amount I found fulfilled my family's needs for a while. Even when I was starting to run low during the early stages of the pandemic, it wasn't a struggle for me to locate toilet paper. I was able to go to those same two to three Berkshire County stores and I was all set. I think, by and large, Berkshire County did pretty well at keeping toilet paper in stock during a stressful and chaotic time. Then again. maybe your experience is different, but let's move on to a more important toilet paper topic.

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Berkshire County, Let's Get Down to the Heart of the Matter Regarding Toilet Paper

I know this is a very weird conversation to have with people but I hate it when toilet paper is located in this direction (see photo below)

So, which direction do you prefer? Let's take our minds off the everyday stress and have a great debate over this issue. Feel free to comment via our free app.

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