Jill Szwed has left WTEN (News 10) after nearly four years at the station. The weekday, morning meteorologist made the abrupt announcement last Tuesday on social media.

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She posted her impending departure on Instagram:

"I am excited to announce I have accepted a position on the weather team at @wtaetv. It is incredibly humbling to know that I will be serving the community that I grew up in and a part of a rock star weather team."


WTAE is the ABC affiliate in Pittsburgh. She arrived in Albany during The COVID-19 pandemic from a station in Kentucky as Jill replaced Jess Briganti who also left the Nexstar-owned station to return home. But, unlike the new arrival, her predecessor left the TV industry to pursue other opportunities.


Recently, The Ry Guy and I hooked up with my near and dear friend, Chief Meteorologist Steve Caporizzo who also posted a good-bye message to her on his Facebook page: Here is an excerpt on his comments regarding her stellar performance at Northern Boulevard:

"Jill, we are going to miss you. You will always be part of our family. I’m so happy that you get to go home with family and friends. That is ultimately most important in life. And you still get to do exactly what you want do-forecasting the weather, which you do great. It’s not going be the same without you. Thank you for taking a chance on us in Albany. We loved having you".

Szwed is the first broadcast media personality to leave the area in 2024. A total of 12 journalists left their respective TV stations in the Capital Region last year. She officially signed off this past Friday, January 26th.


I was lucky to meet up with this talented lady a few times when attending Cap's Pet Connection country concerts. And even my esteemed colleague "The Ry Guy" joined me in this all-important fund raiser that was held this past September. Here we are in a photo featuring news 10's weather team as we caught up with Jill, Rob Lindenmuth and Kevin Appleby. Absent from this photo is Matt Mackie.

As for Mackie, he has stepped in to handle morning weather forecasts, but it is unknown if he will be assigned in that spot on a permanent basis or maybe channel 10 is looking at prospective candidates from outside or within the market. We will keep you posted on any further developments.

BOTTOM LINE: We wish Jill all THE BEST in her new venture. She will be missed as her enthusiastic personality resonated well with viewers. As Dorothy said in "The Wizard Of Oz": "There's NO place like home!"

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(Excerpt of Steve Caporizzo's comment on Facebook used exclusively with his permission and approval. I have been friends with him for over three decades, that's half our lives if you can believe it!)

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