Target has been in the news lately as it was reported recently that the retail giant will be closing some of its stores. Luckily for us, none of those stores are located in Massachusetts which means the Lanesborough location in the Berkshire Mall is safe. The Target stores that are closing are located in Maryland, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Virginia and you can read more about these closings by going here.

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While the media has been putting the focus on Target closings as of late, one thing we don't hear about that often or at all is the best days of the week to shop at Target. Let's be honest, there probably aren't too many people out there who don't like shopping at Target. The stores have a good vibe, decent deals, and friendly folks. If you're a dedicated Target shopper or even a casual shopper of Target, it would definitely be useful for you to know what the best days of the week are to shop at the retail giant.

So, What are the Best Days of the Week to Shop at Target?

In a way, that's kind of a tricky question as there isn't one set day but it's more based on what you are shopping for. According to Christy Palmer founder of the All Things Target blog (and as posted on the website, "Most Targets mark down certain departments on specific days for clearance, as such knowing the schedule can help you find the best Target deals." Here's the schedule according to Palmer:

  • Monday: Electronics, accessories, kids’ clothing, books, baby, stationery
  • Tuesday: Domestic goods, women’s clothing, pets, market (food items)
  • Wednesday: Men’s clothing, health & beauty, diapers, lawn & garden, furniture
  • Thursday: Houseware, lingerie, shoes, toys, sporting goods, decor & luggage
  • Friday: Auto, cosmetics, hardware, jewelry

So there you have it, now you can make your plans on which day is most beneficial to you when it comes to shopping at your local Target.

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