Wouldn't life be just a little bit easier if we didn't have to deal with scams?

It would, but that is only a dream as we get flooded with scams on a regular basis. Whether it's internet related or by phone, scams don't seem to be going away anytime soon. How many emails do you see on a regular basis that could be possible scams? Too many to count I'm sure. Plus, you have spam galore in the email, a flood zone of junk if you will.

Now there is another new scam going around in Western Massachusetts including the Berkshires and the Massachusetts State Police want you to be aware and informed.

What is the Scam About?/Where are the Calls Coming From?

These calls appear to be coming from Massachusetts State Police Cheshire Barracks phone number, however, the caller ID is being “spoofed” and the call is not legitimate. Some callers are claiming to be members of the State Police looking for you regarding Identity Theft. Please be advised that these calls are fraudulent.

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What Should I Do if I Receive One of These Calls?

The State Police are not conducting any fundraisers and do not conduct phone solicitations for anything. If you get such a call, please hang up and do not provide any personal or financial information. If you have questions that it may be a legitimate charity you are interested in supporting, first check with the Massachusetts Secretary of State's Corporation Division at (617)727-9640 to make sure that the organization is, in fact, legitimate.

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