Berkshire County has definitely received its fair share of rain lately. My grass is growing at a record pace. I really need to get out there and mow. Better sooner than later. Hopefully my mower

Getting back on track. If you have been traveling on Route 7 from Stockbridge to Great Barrington or vice versa you have probably seen the area of road not to far away from Clark Road and Cherry Hill Road in Stockbridge where the road is nearly underwater. On Monday, I was zipping along and then finally realized that I needed to slow down. I'm always careful driving on snow and ice but sometimes I take water for granted. Luckily, I didn't hydroplane but it can and does happen. You'll want to take it slow when you approach this section of Route 7.

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It appears, from what I have seen, that drivers are doing a really good job when coming up to the flooded area as they are pumping the brakes well before they enter the giant puddle of water. If you haven't been on Route 7 over the past couple of days or you haven't seen the flooded section of Route 7, I have included some photos below that I took this morning on the way to work.

How has your experience been regarding traveling on the flooded portion of Route 7? Have you seen any close calls or has it been smooth sailing?

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