As you know, we consider pets as part of the family. The next step is instead of leaving them alone at the house (some canines suffer from abandonment issues) why not bring them with you while running your errands, but the option is raising eyebrows in more ways than one. However, some retailers are offering flexibility in this matter.

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Question of the day: Can you bring Fido to shopping establishments? The State House in Boston reiterated only service dogs are allowed inside establishments. Emotional support animals and pets do not qualify. The rule seems cut and dry as service dogs are not required to be licensed or wear a vest, potentially making them difficult to identify. My take on this: the vest MUST be worn to distinguish them from household pets plus being they're on duty, it is NOT advisable to approach them as their sole mission is to accompany their owner being these canines have special status.

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It is undeniable, people are bringing their pets into all kinds of businesses, but remember the proprietor has final say in this delicate matter. Pet owners are bringing their four legged friends to dine outdoors at various Massachusetts but in the long run, it's up to municipalities and entities if they allow dogs inside businesses other than restaurants.

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Dr. Stephanie Bornes-Weil is a veterinary behaviorist and assistant clinical professor at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University. She chimes in regarding this hot topic that is making waves in Beantown and statewide:

"It's important for dog owners taking dogs to public places that we respect other people's boundaries as well. Not everybody wants to be near dogs. Most dogs enjoy being with their people, but the setting has to be right. They're going to be much, much, more in tune to scent than we are. They're going to be picking up on the olfactory environment that we don't notice"

Yes, their 5 senses are much more enriched than human beings so you can't put one past Rover as their instinct will take top priority.

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Are you also wondering if dogs can help out with grocery shopping at neighborhood supermarkets? The answer is due to health related matters and a surplus of fresh food in house, it might be a good idea to fly solo to pick up essentials and then some. Again, this rule is exempt for service animals as they are well trained and their main task is to watch over their owner who relies on their all-important assistance.

Final analysis on dogs in stores: Know your town and business rules, be considerate and check with store owners to see if they will implement this practice prior to arrival.

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