So I've seen this billboard on my daily commute and it left me intrugued. Just what kind of "new documents" will I need to bring to the Registry? A doctor's note? A parent's permission slip? A supervisor's letter of recommendation?

Actually, as of this Monday March 26, if you are getting or renewing a Mass.driver's license, learner's permit or Mass.ID card, you will need to provide documents showing U.S. citizenship or "lawful presence" as required by federal and state law. And all documents MUST be originals, according to the RMV's checklist online.

Start with your Social Security card, W-2 or other official document with your full SSN listed.  Then add a "lawful presence/date of birth" document, like a certified copy of your U.S.birth certificate, U.S.Passport, or Certificate of Citizenship or Naturalization, among other choices.  Then top it off with a Mass.residency document, which could be pretty much any kind of statement or letter addressed to you (utility or credit card bill, tax bill, pay stub, or school-issued document).

If you're renewing you may still be able to do that online. If you're a first-timer you'll need to visit the Registry office in person with the appropriate documents. You just can't go there today or tomorrow.  Apparently to get ready for the new system, all RMV offices are closed until Monday March 26. Local AAA offices that handle Registry business also will not be able to this weekend.

Remember, this all starts Monday.  If you're lucky, like me, you'll have a couple more years to either a) get a passport, or b) locate your birth certificate before renewal time.

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