Nobody would argue that inflation has caused a big hurt to residents of Massachusetts. When you combine the cost of rent/mortgage. food, household items, gas, and fuel to name a few, many folks are having a tough time deciding which bills to prioritize and which to skip at any given time. It's a terrible feeling when you have to choose fuel over food or vice versa and so on.

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As we learned in previous posts from the folks at Construct, more and more people throughout the Berkshires and Massachusetts do not have affordable housing. They're downright homeless as they are staying at a variety of friends' and families' places at any given time a.k.a. couch surfing, while others are trying to brave the cold by having their loved ones live in tents.

Food Prices Continue to Soar in Massachusetts, Including The Fast Food Chains

As I previously mentioned, food prices are adding to many of these issues that Massachusetts residents (and the rest of the country for that matter) are facing. One thing that is also getting more expensive is fast food. Not that I'm an advocate of having a regular diet of fast food but there was a time when people could at least pay a couple of bucks and get a full meal. This was a bit handy especially if one was struggling financially. Those days are gone for the most part. Value meals keep climbing to the point where you're going to pay $10 or more. And get this, the average price for a McDonald's Big Mac (just the sandwich alone) costs an average of $4.87 in Massachusetts.

If you are someone that still wants to grab fast food every once in a while, the best thing you can do for yourself is to download the app to the chain that you plan on attending. It's not perfect but you will find some decent deals that will keep the cost of a meal closer to the $5 or $6 price point instead of $10 or more. When will the food inflation end?

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