These days, it's a nightmare every time we get to pull into a gas station just to put some gas in the tank, but did you notice a trip to the supermarket could be just as frustrating as my last time going down the aisles, I experienced a high dose of sticker shock as everything that was affordable also is out of reach. Yes, you guessed it: Food prices have also seen a major spike in the past few months and we are ALL wondering: When will this end? It's just not fair when people who are trying to make ends meet are literally going broke, just to survive.

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The dilemma continues: Do you use that surplus cash to put gas in your tank OR stock up on much needed staples like milk, bread and what is put on the table for dinner? And what has caused this inconvenience? Blame it all on the COVID-19 pandemic which caused a shortage of supply on all items that you buy at the grocery store. the virus also caused a shortage of labor as lockdowns forced a minimal availability for employees who were hired to oversee daily farm operations.

Let's not forget the Russian invasion of Ukraine is another factor in causing things to go topsy turvy as both countries have the major worldwide surplus of barley, wheat and corn. Believe it or not sunflower oil is also exported from both areas that are entrenched in this conflict that has cause headaches worldwide. Many countries are not doing business with Russia as the conflict seems never-ending to say the least.

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A box of cereal has also reached it's highest levels in decades as demand for animal feed has hit the roof and to make things worse, the recent case of bird flu has seen  skyrocketing prices for a dozen eggs as a 15% increase has been reported as an overall 40% rise is attributed to this major rise in prices. Economists are hoping this should stabilize by next year, but we can hope that prediction becomes reality.

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BOTTOM LINE: As consumers, we need to economize and tighten our belts by just buying what is essential when shopping. Make a list and stick with it as we are ALL sticking to a budget (What choice do we have? This seems to be the ONLY way to get through this setback) We are a hearty bunch here in The Berkshires and throughout New England. We'll band together and overcome these obstacles as inflation numbers are staggering for the first time since 1979. My outlook: the less I eat, the more opportunity I'll lose more weight which has been rule of thumb from yours truly since last year. Two more words for everyone: "GOOD LUCK!"

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