Massachusetts residents love their dogs. They are very much a member of the family and some of them are treated like royalty. There may be times when people want to take their pups with them when they go out to run errands and do their shopping. Of course, there's always the unknown regarding whether stores will allow dogs to come inside and partake in the shopping experience. In addition, if you enjoy reading and exploring bookshops, you may want to take your pooch into the store with you. Thanks to the website BringFido, you can find out which stores are dog friendly. There are over 50 shops on the website's list. Today we are taking a look at four bookshops throughout Massachusetts (which are located in Great Barrington, Cambridge, Brookline, and Orleans) that not just allow dogs to explore books with you, but they encourage it.

Four Massachusetts Bookshops That are Dog-Friendly

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It Probably Wouldn't Hurt to Call First Just to Be Safe

Before you take your dog into any of these shops, it's a good idea that you call first to make sure any policies haven't changed.  Are there any dog-friendly bookstores in Massachusetts that you know of that we missed? If so, let us know and we will add them to the list. You can check out the entire list of dog-friendly stores in  Massachusetts (not just bookshops) by going to Bring Fido.

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