Last week the Berkshire Eagle reported that another pot shop (Community Growth Partners) plans to open up shop at 783 South Main Street, Great Barrington in August of this year. We went to Facebook to get some comments and opinions from the community and as you can imagine there was a mixed reaction with passion from both views. Here are the comments listed below:

P.B. Wait—water in a bottle is illegal, but pot is readily available on every corner? Welcome to GB, MA.

C.H.T. - P.B. you win the Internet today! 😂

H.S - P. B. you seem to be misinformed about the water bottle ban. Bottled water isn’t illegal.

M.T.M. - go girl! Bottled water IS illegal according to the select just isn't being enforced until they can get better water in Housatonic and maybe improve on the chlorine taste in GB while they're at it...

P.B. - H. S. check again

H. S. - P. B. yeah no. You’re confusing single use plastic water bottles for all bottles of water. You’re just gonna have to buy slightly larger bottles. Stop spreading misinformation

P. B. You’re nit-picking on an observational comment. Not everyone will have the same opinion as yours. You may post whatever you like from here on in, and I won’t be responding to you.

H.S. I’m not actually. You made a blanket statement that bottled water is illegal in Great Barrington, which is a complete falsehood. Single serve bottled water is. You can buy other sizes of bottles of water. My comments are not opinions to be disagreed with but actual facts. So your “observational comment” is absurd. Your opinions have no basis in actual reality. So again, stop spreading lies and misinformation because it makes you look ignorant

C.T.- P.B. and right now you can stop by all size water bottles. It's not going into effect into the air 20/20 I think May is when it's happening

P.W. Big Y is not selling them anymore

S.A.H.S. thank God! I bought 4 single serve water bottles today alone! And I recycled them after! They were delicious.

S.A. - P.W. they’re still selling cases of them though! I bought one yesterday

M.B. I get that it legal and I get the need for the tax revenue, and I am not against the shops. But it does seem to me that GB is only thinking about the revenue and has thrown out the usual issues considered with placement of a business such as parking and appropriateness to the surrounding area.

H.P.M. Just like any other business, needs competition, and maybe the lines won't be so long

A.G. Is there still plans to put one on Main Street next to Tom's Toys? I'm just wondering where the people will park!!!

K.O. It certainly looks, from the line in front of Theory, that the town could definitely use another dispensary.

M.M. For all those opposed.... there are two liquor stores within 10 miles; so another lucrative business would be frowned upon?

H.S. - M.M. there’s 5 in Great Barrington. 6 if you count housatonic.

H.S. 7....Guido’s sells wine

H.S. I can’t come up with the right number for the amount of beer/wine or liquor licenses the restaurants have but there’s at least 2 dozen. But hey....the devil’s lettuce is bad, right?

C.T. It's legal. If it's done right it's going to create a large tax revenue for great Berrington which of course we need because of great Barrington taxes are way too high. And they will all be busy. Come on people Buck it up it's legal.

L.R. well, it will be interesting to see what the future holds.....but I don't think money making should be the only thoughts going into a decision process such as's funny how many people have dollar signs in their eyes according to the posts.....I just have a funny feeling that this whole process is not going to be as great as those dollar signs in the future.....lots of drama will be happening I'm sure.....

B.B. Love love love bring in the tax money 💰

L.P. Too many!!

M.M. With the parking problems already near the newly opened one I think it might be an issue for business owners on south street,

Agree with H.P.M.!

J.B. Great! More $$ for the town!

J.G. No

D.J. Yes I'm for it 100%

J.L. yes..... there is clearly a demand, so there will need to be a readily available supply.

C.T. Great! Can we use the tax revenue to repair the bridges that are crumbling??

D.G. Ok, theory has a lot of customers.

K.F. It depends on where it’s going to be. If it’s on the south side of town that will help keep the Connecticut and New York buyers out of the downtown area but then again what’s wrong with more people spending money in local stores? I’m sure many of the pot buyers buy gas and food at least while they are here.

M.R. I feel if another was to open, will the police be able to afford to monitor them. This shop should not be in an area that is residential. Especially if there are children living close by!

M.S. They don't monitor liquor stores, not sure why they would need to monitor a marijuana dispesary.... I mean other than direct traffic...

M.S. There are children living all around the liquor stores, I think some even in the same building, why aren't you complaining about that?

N.B. As long as it’s cheaper than the one that’s already there

M.A.T.M. How many ??? does it take to change light bulb?

J.V.D. It seems like over-saturation of the market.

F.P. Shouldn't be no different than a bank, antique shop, or a package store, it's legal.

H.S. Think of alllllll those taxes coming into the community

S.A.H.S. hike up the tax on individual serving size water bottles. Everyone will win 😂

H.S. Stephanie Ann that’s not winning

S.A.H.S. deliciously hydrating a bottle.

H.S. get a bigger bottle. Even more hydrating. Or bring your own

C.T. - H.S. and we have to hope that the town of great Barrington uses those taxes to offset these things that they want to do. And maybe our taxes might go down a little bit

D.D. competition is good but 5 shops in GB rea

V.O.K. we need five stores! Not! Locations are not ideal either! Lines of People and parking spots taken up. This summer ought to really be fun to deal with...more crowds. Dui's will increase, accident's will increase. Get ready for the ride.

S.E. We went from the best little town in America to the biggest Moolah Marijuana Mecka of America. Yee ha. Pretty good re taxes but enough is enough. Hopefully GT Barrington taxes will go down now that your raking in all this moolah

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