Who doesn't love ice cream during these hot New England days? When I was younger, one place I enjoyed getting ice cream was on Curran Highway in North Adams. I believe that the shop started out as Dairy Queen and then the location became "fake" Dairy Queen for a while. The reason why I say that it became "fake" Dairy Queen is the location changed ownership and was no longer Dairy Queen but the business still sold ice cream so some of us northern Berkshire County folks referred to the business as "fake" Dairy Queen. You get the idea. The business these days is Craft Food Barn.

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There are plenty of independent ice cream shops scattered throughout the Berkshires you can enjoy. You can do a Google search for ice cream shops in the Berkshires and you'll see plenty of options pop up.

One of New England's Favorite Ice Cream Flavors is Definitely Unique

This past June New England Today published an article featuring New England's five favorite ice cream flavors. Most of them are pretty common everyday favorites including black raspberry, coffee, maple walnut, and frozen pudding which by the way is a rum-based flavor. The one flavor that I found to be unique is Grapenut ice cream. I have never even heard of this flavor but apparently, it's a thing here in New England. Where have I been?  It's vanilla ice cream with grape nut cereal sprinkled on top. All I can say about ice cream with grape nuts is no thank you. Then again, I suppose I shouldn't knock it until I try it. Have you ever had Grapenut Ice Cream?

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