Another edition of the popular Sounds of Summer free concert series took place at the Great Barrington VFW this past Tuesday evening. We didn't have to worry about the threat of rain this time around as the sun was shining bright in Great Barrington. It was a combination of the weather along with the incredible entertainment that made many people attend the show and support local entertainment.

The Band and Dancing

The Happy Together Band took the outside stage and they did one heck of a job. This group is comprised of 7 members including keyboard, two guitars, bass, drums and vocals galore including two female leads. Pretty much everyone shares vocal duties in this band and it really shows. The harmonies are pitch perfect. Dancing ensued as the Happy Together Band cranked out upbeat dance songs from primarily the '60s and they really did the songs justice. To me, it's no surprise that this band was a hit and sounded excellent, especially in the vocal department. Would you expect anything less when a number of the members in the band are from the 'Earth Angels' now 'Christmas Angels?'

The Food

Once again Fiddleheads Grille was serving up delicious food options including hamburgers, hot dogs, sweet Italian sausage sandwiches, pulled pork sandwiches, French fries and giant chocolate chip cookies. Fiddleheads knows how to make your taste buds jump for joy for sure. If you haven't had them stop by their restaurant or try them out at next week's concert.

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In a Nutshell 

It was a fantastic evening and we can't wait to do it again next week when Shyne takes the stage at the Great Barrington VFW from 6-8pm.

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