'It's Not That Simple' with co-hosts Ed Abrahams (Great Barrington Select Board member) and Pedro Pachano (Great Barrington Planning Board member) airs two Fridays per month at 9:05 am on WSBS.

Ed and Pedro examine issues facing Great Barrington and explore the question, “why don’t they just fix it?” They discuss the complexities, the competing interests, the less obvious costs or consequences, and the missing information that explains why It’s Not That Simple in Great Barrington. They do their best to steer clear of opinion and to just point out the issues that make the problems more complex than they might appear.

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Although both men serve on elected town boards in Great Barrington, they are not speaking for those boards or for the town in any capacity. They are only representing themselves on the radio. The program airs every other Friday morning at 9:05 on WSBS. The talk show covers Great Barrington town issues that one may think may be corrected by a common-sense solution but isn't always the case for a variety of reasons.

On the April 22, 2022 edition of the program, Ed and Pedro continue with the theme of the lack of affordable housing in Great Barrington and beyond. The guys reminisce on past shows, previous guests, and what they have learned about housing laws, human behavior, and why affordable housing is becoming more scarce in our community.

You can listen to the April 22 show below (the program has been divided into two segments)

Image: Pedro Pachano and Ed Abrahams

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