Police Chief Paul Storti will be a guest at the February “Virtual Coffee with the Town Manager,” via Zoom. The meeting takes place Wednesday, Feb.3, at 10 a.m.

The informal monthly coffee event, hosted by Town Manager Mark Pruhenski, is open to the public. Meeting information and the meeting link can be accessed on the town website calendar. For security purposes a password is required to join the meeting.

“I am planning a series of small-group meetings in the coming months to hear from town residents, business people and community groups, and this is a good way to start the conversations,” said Storti.

The monthly virtual coffees are a means of meeting and talk with townspeople about a variety of town topics. The talks have led to some local initiatives such as the installation of hand-sanitizing stations and crosswalk safety improvements downtown.

“It’s been convenient and easy for people to participate, since they can join from their home or office,” said Pruhenski. “It’s also a good way for neighbors to meet each other and connect."

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