Look, let's face facts. Porch pirates(thieves who steal packages delivered to front doorsteps or porches) are a year-round problem. However, during the holiday season, more items are purchased online, which means more packages are being delivered and therefore, more items to be stolen.

Believe it or not, millions of Americans are affected by porch pirates every year. All sorts of experts have all sorts of advice to offer. Even if you do work all day, or you're simply never home, there are plenty of tips out there to keep your bought and paid for purchases safe or at the very least, safer.

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Keep in mind that there are no foolproof ways of fully stopping these thieves, but at least you can make life difficult for them. Remember, for most thieves, if it's not going to be an easy grab, they'll move on.

  1. Install a Video Doorbell: When somebody approaches your door, a motion sensor is triggered which then tells the camera to start recording and then sends you a message to let you know there was activity at your house.
  2. Get a Porch Pirate Bag: This is a 30-inch by 40-inch reinforced nylon bag that locks to your front door or gate. Then, instruct your mail or delivery person to place the package inside then lock it by using the attached combination lock.
  3. Have Important Packages Delivered To Where Someone Will Be: If you have a friend or family member who's home during the day, have the package shipped to that address.
  4. Install Outdoor Security Cameras: Even if you have a video doorbell, sometimes your packages are placed somewhere other than the front porch. This way, you have a wider area you can oversee.
  5. Install Motion Detector Lights: Some porch pirates work best under the cover of darkness. Don't allow them that opportunity.
  6. Have Your Important Packages Tracked and Traced: It's very easy to sign up for text notifications from pretty much any delivery service. Then, you'll be able to get text messages on the progress of your packages. When your package does arrive, you can hurry home to get it safely inside or simply alert a neighbor to pick it up for you.
  7. Signature Requirement: This is an option with all major services-UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc. If you're not there to sign for it, they will not leave it on your porch allowing "somebody else" to take it from you.

These are just some of what I'm sure are many more options to keep your packages away from thieves. As I said, no solution is foolproof, but it just may give that potential pirate a moment's pause to consider moving on to something that's potentially easier in their mind.

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