Massachusetts has a number of attractions that bring people to the area. Whether you are looking for art, music, festivals, holiday outings, skiing, swimming, hiking, exploring, friendly folks, etc. Massachusetts offers something for everyone. Plus, as we have mentioned in the past, Massachusetts is the number one state for raising a family. In addition, we have a stellar education system, particularly when it comes to choosing a college education.

Who Wouldn't Be Happy to Live in the Berkshires? 

When you take a look at specific areas of Massachusetts, some towns and cities stand out for having happy people. Now, I may be biased but I think the Berkshires is top-notch for having a great community that comes together and watches out for one another. Over my nearly two decades of working in the radio business, I have met some very generous, friendly, and happy people. Who wouldn't be happy to live in the Berkshires?

Massachusetts Has Some Happy Cities

Speaking of happiness, CreditDonkey recently conducted a survey to find out which cities were the happiest in Massachusetts. The study's methodology was based on Massachusetts cities that had a population of 15,000 or higher. Using U.S. Census and FBI crime data, CreditDonkey was able to assign each city a ranking based on the following criteria:

  • Restaurants
  • Crime rate
  • Commute
  • Departure time
  • Income
  • Divorce rate
  • Housing
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Which City is the Happiest in Massachusetts? 

So here we go. The happiest city in Massachusetts according to the study is Westfield. Coming in second place was Woburn followed by Newton. Check out all of the details, methodology, and the entire top 10 list of happiest cities in Massachusetts by going here. Stay safe, have fun and be happy.

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