Deciding the fate of Pittsfield's high schools, I feel, have been a topic of discussion ever since I moved here in 2010. Whether or not we "needed" a new $121M Taconic High School, or if we should combine the two high schools and move on with life?

Well, one came true and the other didn't, although I believe the new Taconic was designed to easily "add on" if they were to combine the high schools.


The Trade Career

Marjo and I often talk about how, we feel, that the style of '90s parenting was to instill in your child's head that if you opted not to go to college, you were absolutely bound to be homeless. Forgive me if that sounds insensitive to the current situation regarding homelessness in the country, but it's true, that was the message, you weren't gonna make it without a college education.

Fact is, most aren't ready for college at 18; most don't have any idea what they want to do when "they grow up". But, if you do have an interest in a trade such as automotive, why not get an early start and save some big money?

The Lack Of Trades People

Have you tried recently to get a plumber or an electrician on the phone? Good luck. The point is, the idea of making Taconic High School here in Pittsfield, MA a full on vocational or CTE  school is absolutely on the table for the 2023-2024 school year.

Superintendent Joe Curtis recently sent an email about Thursday's (Oct. 13) open forum.


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