You may have recently seen the post and/or heard the interview we had with retired Deputy Chief of the Pittsfield Fire Department, Michael Polidoro along with Chief of Police in the Town of Lee, Jeff Roosa. They discussed the Inaugural Arrest and Extinguish event to raise funds for ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) research. You can view that post by going here. I mention this because the Sheffield, Becket, New Marlborough, Otis and Lanesborough Police Department's are supporting the cause and event by participating at Tanglewood in the Arrest and Extinguish ALS event on May 18 on a team entitled 'Team Roosa.'

This particular team is comprised of Berkshire County Chiefs; Sorrel (Lanesborough), McDonough (Becket), Munson (Sheffield), Frank (New Marlborough) and Hamill (Otis). Team Roosa is sponsored by the Berkshire Law Enforcement Council. Team Roosa understands the urgent need to slow and stop ALS.

By supporting Team Roosa you are supporting the arresting and extinguishing of ALS. You can support Team Roosa by going here.

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