Summer is about a month away but here in Massachusetts, we are already getting a taste of the season with warm temperatures, longer days, shorts, t-shirts, proms, and graduations.

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I always look forward to this time of year for walking opportunities, setting up the kiddie pool for my daughter, and grilling for my family out on the deck. But one thing that I can't stand about this time of year is trying to do all of these fun activities while having to deal with wasps.

The Wasp Activity is Already Underway for the Season

The wasp activity is already cranking up around my house and deck. As such I have had to set special traps on my deck area to keep the activity at bay. Since applying these traps the wasps haven't been as aggressive as in the past but I would still like it to be better. I would very much like to avoid my daughter getting stung when she's out on the deck or playing in her pool.

There are a Few Items You Already Have in Your Kitchen That Will Repel Wasps from Your Home

I was recently reading online that several scents will keep wasps away from swarming inside and around your house. You most likely already have these items in your kitchen or pantry as they are regular everyday staples. According to the Spruce, the following items will deter wasps from swarming around your house, patio, deck, etc.

As I mentioned you probably already have these items in your home and you can try them out to see if wasps will keep away from your living quarters. One thing the Spruce suggests that you can do with the vinegar is to mix it evenly with water in a spray bottle, add a couple of drops of dish soap, and spray down your deck. This is something I am going to try on my deck as that is the area where I seem to get the most wasp activity.

Massachusetts Folks are Bound to Deal with Wasps This Summer 

No matter where you live in Massachusetts whether it's Boston, Worcester, Springfield, or anywhere in between chances are you'll come across some wasps that you'll have to deal with this summer. Instead of spending a boatload of money to remedy the problem, try using some of these household items to repel these nasty pests. It just may work. You can check out more tips on how to keep wasps away from your home here.

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