This past Friday, WSBS aired the second episode of 'It's Not That Simple' with co-hosts  Ed Abrahams (Great Barrington Select Board member) and Pedro Pachano (Great Barrington Planning Board member). The program airs every other Friday morning at 9:05 on WSBS. The talk show covers town issues that one may think may be corrected by a common sense solution but isn't always the case for a variety of reasons.

On the latest edition of the program, Ed and Pedro discussed solar power. Solar power installations can be a contentious issue, especially the large industrial solar fields. Ed and Pedro are both often asked, “How can you allow these large industrial land uses that ruin residential neighborhoods?” They are also asked, “How can anyone oppose a clean, alternative energy source?” As you may have guessed, the answer to both questions is, It’s Not That Simple.

You can listen to the program below (the audio has been divided into two segments).

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Article Image: Pedro Pachano (left), Ed Abrahams (right)