Berkshire County District Attorney Andrea Harrington returned to WSBS for our January chat. We continued our domestic violence discussion along with an update on the March, 2019 Sheffield incident, along with a free community event coming up at the Colonial Theatre in Pittsfield entitled "One Book One Community" with Rachel Louise Snyder author of 'No Visible Bruises'. You can listen to the program below.

About The Berkshire County District Attorney's Office

The Berkshire County District Attorney's Office is proud to serve all residents and visitors of Berkshire County, diligently seeking justice for those who have been harmed by crime, and working closely with their partners throughout the county who are dedicated to justice and public safety, including citizens, to fight and prevent crime, and refer those in need to resources for services and treatment.

I'm wondering if Andrea is a secret Kiss fan. It was her idea to pose with me in the mini Kiss museum aka my office.

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