Recently, reports regarding domestic violence have substantially increased as the Berkshire County District Attorney's Office is taking notice and immediate action is being implemented in this matter. The most recent incident occurred in North Adams as a 45-year-old Springfield man was found guilty of committing assault and battery on an unidentified family member.

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As Andrea Harrington is attempting to seek another term in office, action continues to be taken regarding these crimes. After the verdict was read, she explained why these actions restrict the victim from coming forward. Here's a quote from Harrington regarding the latest incident that shocked northern Berkshire County in more ways than one:

"There are very understandable reasons why a victim of domestic violence would not want to participate in the court process. My office is not afraid to take difficult cases to trial and a strong evidence-based prosecution led to this guilty verdict. I thank the North Adams Police Department for conducting a thorough investigation and the trial team for their dedication to accountability."

courtesy of North Adams police dept/facebook
courtesy of North Adams police dept/facebook

Members of The North Adams Police Department responded to a 9-1-1 call back on May 19th as the victim did not make a statement to formally press charges against her alleged attacker. The suspect was identified courtesy of a nearby surveillance video that showed some horrific moments of the incident in question. 45-year-old Joseph De Leon of Springfield was arrested on charges of committing assault and battery on a family member as the video showed he shoved his victim against a wall and dragged her down a hallway.

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After hearing testimony from police officers and the unidentified victim, prosecutors in the Commonwealth also presented the incriminating video which led to De Leon's conviction. The D-A's office requested a sentence of two and a half years. Judge William Rota announced the guilty verdict as De Leon will serve 9 months behind bars effective immediately.

(Some information obtained in this article courtesy of a press release from the Berkshire County District Attorney's office.)

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