It's the Nov. 8 edition of 'It's Not That Simple' with co-hosts Ed Abrahams (Great Barrington Select Board member) and Pedro Pachano (Great Barrington Planning Board member). You get to listen to the program before it airs this Friday morning at 9:05. Audio provided below.

Ed and Pedro examine issues facing Great Barrington and explore the question, “why don’t they just fix it?” They discuss the complexities, the competing interests, the less obvious costs or consequences, and the missing information that explains why It’s Not That Simple. They do their best to steer clear of opinion and to just point out the issues that make the problems more complex than they might appear.

The program airs every other Friday morning at 9:05 on WSBS. The talk show covers town issues that one may think may be corrected by a common sense solution but isn't always the case for a variety of reasons.

On this edition of the program Ed and Pedro take a break from town issues and instead bring us a Veteran's Day tribute program. The topic/goal is to humanize veterans-not just salute them, but hear from them. Ed and Pedro's guests are:

Michael P. King:

  • National Veteran Service Officer
  • Pittsfield Veterans Outreach Center
  • Commander of the Lenox VFW
  • US Army Retired (1993-2005)
  • OIF 2006-2008, 2010
  • Sergeant Major.

John Kvocka:

  • Member of the American Legion
  • Serving as Post Commander in Housatonic
  • Army Reservist (1968-1974)
  • Advanced training as Combat Medic
  • Specialist 5

You can read the companion piece in The Berkshire Edge by going here.

You can listen to the pre-recorded program below (the audio has been divided into two segments).

Article Image (from left to right): John Kvocka, Pedro Pachano, Michael P. King, Ed Abrahams

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