Results of Golden Knights House League

The team of Olde Village Monogramming /William’s Paving defeated the team of Sweet Tree Service/Eagle Shoe & Boot with a score of 18-12. High Scorer’s for Olde Village/William’s Paving included Simma Krantz with six points. In addition, Kealy DeVirgilio scored four points. The team of  Sweet Tree Service/Eagle Shoe & Boot was led by Ember Raifstanger who scored six points.

The team of Baldwin’s Hardware/ Monterey T-Shirt defeated Hull Oil/Wheeler & Taylor with a score of 22-12. High Scorer’s for Baldwin’s Hardware/Monterey T-Shirt included Jade Abderhalden, Ava O’Brien and Ella Watson as they scored six points each. The team of Hull Oil/Wheeler & Taylor was led by Iris Firth scoring six points.

Housatonic Basketball- Senior Division

Aberdale’s defeated Pick Enroll with a final score of 57-45. High Scorer's for Aberdale’s included Kyle Wellencamp who scored 13 points, Elliot Stern scored 11, and  Devon Hannivan scored nine. For the team of Pick Enroll, Manny Brown scored 10 points, Griffin McElroy scored nine, Colby Carlson scored eight and Sam Yeung scored eight.

Wheeler & Taylor defeated Cove Lanes with a score of 46-41. For the team of  Wheeler and Taylor, Khalil Carlson scored 20 points, Ben Gross scored 14 and Caden Crupi scored four. For the Cove Lanes team, Adam Kronenberg scored 14 points, “Ler” Sprague scored 11 and Sparky Blanchard scored nine.

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