Housy Junior House league wrapped up its 71st season and as always the boys and girls did not disappoint!

In the consolation game, #1 seed Amerigas defeated #3 seed Aberdale's by a final score of 43-32. Finn Mason of Amerigas led all scorers with 16 points while Owen Heck chipped in 9 points and Griffin Tuponce added 8 points. Aberdale's was led by Jacoby Vincelette with 14 points an Jaesoan Kolowski scored 8 points.

In the Championship game, #4 seed Carlson's Wood Floors slipped past #2 seed Tom's Toys by a final score of 28-22. Dominic Calautti of Carlson's Wood Floors was the games leading scorer with 23 points and Calvin Cooney scored 5 points in the victory. Kamren Boino of Tom's Toys led a balanced scoring attack with 6 points while Dylan Netzer, Braydon Haskeer and Everette Pacheco had 4 points each.

Housatonic Basketball Senior Division Playoffs

In the consolation game, Wheeler and Taylor defeated Pick Enroll by a final score of 58-27. For Wheeler and Taylor, Khalil Carlson scored 20 points, Ben Gross added 11 and Blake Smith contributed 10. For Pick Enroll, Tyler Carlson scored 10 points, Eli Burch contributed seven and Dominic Dignard added three.

In the Championship Game, Aberdales defeated Cove Lanes by a final score of 54-40. For Aberdale’s, Cam Torrico scored 14 points, Devon Hannivan added 10 and Luke Arienti contributed nine. For Cove Lanes, Isaiah Keefner scored 12 points, Ler Sprague added eight and Adam Kronenberg contributed eight.

Results of Golden Knights House League

The playoffs continued this week and in the consultation game, the team of Baldwin’s Hardware/Monterey T-Shirt defeated the team of Sweet Tree Service/Eagle Shoe & Boot by a final score of 17-14. High Scorer’s for Baldwin’s Hardware/Monterey T-Shirt include Jade Abderhalden who scored eight points. For Sweet Tree Service/Eagle Shoe & Boot, Jazayah Forte, Brooke Decker & Harmony Estrada scored four points each.

In the Championship Game, the team of William’s Paving/Olde Village Monogramming defeated the team of Hull Oil/Wheeler & Taylor. High Scorer’s for William’s Paving/Olde Village Monogramming: Erika Wilson scored five points and Simma Krantz, Remi Perreault, and Andrea Castillo contributed four points each.

The team of William’s Paving/Olde Village Monogramming is the 2018-2019 Golden Knights House League Champions.

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