Many celebrities love Massachusetts particularly the Berkshires. Some visit the area regularly while others love the Berkshires so much that they make it their home. Whether it's James Taylor who has lived in Berkshire County for many years, Karen Allen who has a business in Great Barrington, Karen Allen Fiber Arts, or Elizabeth Banks who was born and raised in Pittsfield and comes home every so often to enjoy a treat at her favorite ice cream spot, there's no doubt that even folks in the celebrity world love the Berkshires.

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There's One Iconic Celebrity Who Loves Visiting the Berkshires Particularly Stockbridge

Another iconic celebrity who recently performed at the Mahwaie Performing Arts Center with Lisa Loeb and loves visiting Stockbridge whenever he's in the area is country singer, songwriter, and record producer Lyle Lovett.

Lyle Lovett has performed in the Berkshires many times including Tanglewood in Lenox, the Colonial Theater in Pittsfield, and at least twice at the Mahawie Performing Arts Center in Great Barrington.

The Red Lion Inn is a Favorite of Lyle's 

In a recent interview with Berkshire Magazine, Lovett mentioned how he has been coming to the Berkshires since the late '80s. He particularly loves Stockbridge and was pleasantly surprised when he discovered the Red Lion Inn which he has stayed at.

When I first saw The Red Lion on our itinerary, I was expecting Fess Parker’s Red Lion Inn like the one in Santa Barbara, which is very different from Stockbridge. I just remember expecting that sort of hotel-motel when I saw it on the itinerary. I was pleasantly surprised to get to know the historic Red Lion Inn.


Lyle Never Forgets His Camera When Visiting the Berkshires 

Lovett was a journalism major who mentioned that he always brings his camera with him when he visits the Berkshires. He has taken many pictures of Stockbridge including the Red Lion Inn.

Depending on the season, Stockbridge looks really different. Even if I'm taking pictures of the same buildings or the same landmarks, it may look different from time to time, and also depending on the time of day. I like to take pictures of people better than anything else. Stockbridge is so picturesque. At The Red Lion Inn, back where the old curtain shop used to be, there's a stairway just past the dining room where they printed some of the pictures and have this display.


Make Sure You Put Stockbridge on Your Bucket List

Who can blame Lyle Lovett for wanting to capture the essence of Stockbridge? If you haven't visited one of the country's most visited towns you need to add it to your bucket list. Whether it's the Red Lion Inn, the Stockbridge Bowl, or the iconic Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas display and event, many breathtaking attractions will keep you coming back to Stockbridge. Check out the entire interview with Berkshire Magazine and Lyle's photos of the Red Lion Inn here.

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