Where have the good ol' days gone? It seems like cigarette smokers in Massachusetts have lost their right to smoke. They are relegated to going outdoors instead of being in the comfort of their own homes. It was common to have a smoke at your favorite restaurant or bar or even when you were visiting a friend or neighbor's residence.


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When I revisit "Perry Mason" you constantly see the performers having a leisurely smoke, but times have truly changed, especially in this "so-called 21st century".

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I remember when you had an ash tray in your vehicle, but good luck in finding one that has that option (at least classic retro cars have them equipped on the dashboard). Those with vintage vehicles can still indulge in the comfort of their own car. Bring back the 50's and 60's as a vestige of the past needs to be brought back in high fashion!

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What bothers me more is when other so-called "non-smokers" watch you indulging in a cigarette, they look at the person as though a crime is being committed. Plus, they frown when butts are thrown on the sidewalk or street. A solution to this problem is providing a receptacle to properly dispose leftover cigarette materials. My other complaint is they don't treat those who imbibe or smoke marijuana in this same manner.

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Designated smoking areas have been implemented, but what's the difference? You are STILL going out in the cold weather to satisfy your nicotine craving but if you want to enjoy a alcoholic libation, a cold one or even when lighting up a joint, that does NOT seem to be the case.

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It seems like the government is also forcing people to quit as states are raising prices and taxes for the purchase of cigarettes. This is a violation of rights as those who light up are just doing something they choose for themselves, but others should NOT interfere in their business. In my opinion as a passive smoker, it's unfair and unjust if you ask me.

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BOTTOM LINE: For those non-smokers who take time to berate those who want to enjoy a cigarette, despite the setbacks they have to deal with, I'll sum it up in 4 words as Bocephus, Hank Williams Jr. said it best: "Mind Your Own Business". 

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