Recently, I gave you my top 5 songs from the 1970's. Since we also feature music from the 80's on our "weekly escape" every Saturday morning, let's run down my favorite tunes from "The Rad Era" and guess what: ALL selections are from the earlier part of the decade. 3 songs released in 1980 and the other two came out in 1982 and 1984.

After all, it was back in 1983 when I got my first professional radio gig in neighboring Greene county (the now defunct WCKL-AM in Catskill which was cosmetically located across The Rip van Winkle Bridge in Columbia county) The building is dormant and has ceased operations, but the memories will linger in my mind forever!

The # 1 song in my books: (Just Like) "Starting Over" This release signified the comeback of John Lennon after he took a 5 year hiatus from the music scene. His "Double Fantasy" album hit shelves in September of 1980 with the first hit single getting air play worldwide about a month later. We lost the former Beatle over four decades ago on December 8th as this historic moment remains surreal to this day. The track immediately rose up to # 1 and kept the top spot for over a month. John's memory remains eternal and everlasting.

Second on the list, one of Juice Newton's most under-rated hit singles which always scored well when listening to this top 20 smash from her 1982 LP "Quiet Lies". Keep in mind, "Heart Of The Night" is NOT a cover of the Poco classic released three years earlier as both songs share the same title. Your daily dose of Juice will energize you to the fullest capacity after hearing this selection that was well-received on the country and adult contemporary charts. This track is the follow-up to her top 10 hit "Love's Been A Little Bit Hard On Me"

A one-hit wonder from across the pond takes the 3rd spot and features sage advice from The Korgis: "Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime". The London Based quartet scored better with this track throughout Europe as the group reached top 20 status in the U.S. with this winner as I got hooked on this recording while playing it for the first time at my college radio station in the fall of 1980. These days, there are new members of this group as the original Korgis have since retired and the band's violinist passed away in 2014. Definitely worth a re-visit by clicking the video clip above.

Another under-rated recording ranks at # 4 as Steve Forbert's "Romeo's Tune" makes my top 5. This was another selection I played from my college radio days and the song proved to be his most successful recording from the LP "Jack Rabbit Slim". He just missed cracking the top 10 on Billboard's chart, peaking at #11 as this superb one hit wonder saw top 5 status on the A/C charts. (Oh do I LOVE those days of "yacht rock". Now that is what I call adult contemporary music compared to the current songs on the charts. After all, I am a "living in the past" type of guy!) These days, Forbert continues to entertain audiences as he is about to reach a milestone in his life: The BIG 7-0!!

Finally, Brewster, New York's pride and joy, Laura Branigan takes the coveted #5 spot with an action packed song from start to finish. "Self Control" is the title track of her 3rd album released in 1984. believe it or not, this is the ONLY song that made the cut when I began in professional radio one year earlier. I first played this powerhouse tune in Kingston, New York. Loved it Then, Love it Now. The video is also very alluring in nature. Check it out as she was A TRUE talent who left us way too early at the age of 52. Laura's memory ALWAYS remains eternal and everlasting!

BOTTOM LINE: 3 of these songs were released before we were yearning for our MTV. How ironic! Either way, a great blast from the past!

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