Let's face it: People are ALWAYS in a hurry while driving and sometimes that action could yield disastrous results. If you are stopped by local authorities and you're exceeding the posted speed limit, guaranteed, you will be receiving a ticket and a fine for your infraction. Now that school is back in session across our tri-state region, neighboring New York is taking action to curb the problem, especially in areas with designated school zones. Common sense: Obey the rules of the road otherwise your wallet will be a little lighter. Truth be known, you won't get there faster by applying a lead foot on the gas pedal.


Recently in The Empire State's capital region, there have been reports of pedestrians and bicyclists receiving injuries due to irresponsible drivers. A recent report in Albany's Times Union newspaper stated that a 7 year old child, Qazir Southerland was stuck by a speeding car on South Pearl Street. The youngster succumbed to his injuries.


Due to this mishap, an immediate switch in that vicinity reduced the speed limit from 30 to 25 miles per hour. 14th Ward Councilwoman Deborah Zamer is lobbying for legislation that ALL city streets should take this immediate action in Albany, however she will discuss other options if this measure needs to be implemented on specific streets. This proposal WILL keep school zone speed limits intact on weekdays and extra enforcement with heavier police presence is being considered to make sure children are walking to class safe and sound in the vicinity.

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Last month, New York Governor Kathy Hochul signed a bill that allows local municipalities complete authority to reduce speed limits, not only in Albany, but ALL across The Empire State from Buffalo to New York City. Recent data shows those communities who enacted this measure are seeing less of these unnecessary mishaps for pedestrians and bicycle riders.

"The Electric City" of Schenectady is following Albany's blueprint as they are also planning to change their speed limit to 25 mile per hour on city streets. The capital is also in the midst of discussing a pilot program to install speed bumps in various neighborhoods as funding this project could cost up to $250,000 and they also need to update speed limit signs to accommodate the change. This proposal is getting positive support from The New York State Safe Street Coalition but no timetable has been set.

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Statistic also show the capital city of Massachusetts has also enacted this mandate on heavily travelled streets as they have seen a 29.3% decline in motorists travelling faster than 35 miles per hour in these designated areas. Boston also reports an 8.5% decline in speeders as enforcement has stepped up to maximum potential. There have been no reports south of the border in Connecticut to implement a similar action. We will keep you posted on any developments.


BOTTOM LINE: "SLOW DOWN". Recently, I have seen many vehicles barreling past me while I am driving to work here in south county and during my recent excursion to The New York State Fair and I just think it's irresponsible and insane. As Barbara Streisand & the late GREAT Donna Summer used to say in that dynamic # 1 dance hit form 1979: "Enough Is Enough".

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